Interested in being a part of the 2017 show...?

We can't pretend it's going to be easy!


It takes a lot of time and effort to put on a show.  The team have already been working since the end of January to make this one the best one yet and are very excited to share it with you and become an even bigger, and better team.  The key to the success of the show is strong teamwork from everyone.

You do not need to have any prior skills or experience to register.  We are looking for a cast that have plenty of enthusiasm, motivation, discipline, dedication, and determination to put on a good show.  We will teach and develop skills that you already have as well as new ones so that you can perform on stage in November with confidence, energy and a big smile.

"If you turn up to rehearsals with a positive attitude and you're prepared for a lot of hard work you will be successful in the show."

We expect


  • An understanding of the importance of rehearsals.

  • Rehearsals only to be missed with important reasons and by informing the Registrar prior.  There are some rehearsals that we consider to be compulsory.

  • Effort put in to practising songs, actions and dances away from rehearsals.

  • Strong dedication, discipline and determination to be the best that you can be.

  • Ensure that rehearsal rules are followed (they are boring but generally there for the safety and benefit of everyone).

  • Uphold the values of the relevant Law/Promise at all times.

  • Have fun

We will


  • Provide a safe and enjoyable environment to prepare the show and ensure that all relevant regulations are followed.

  • Work with you to develop skills that you already have, and teach you new ones.

  • Help to build your confidence so that you are prepared to perform on stage.

  • Ensure that everything is prepared for rehearsals and in the background.  As a general rule, the team that you will see at every rehearsal will have put in about 3 hours each for every hour of rehearsal.

  • Be available and approachable in case of any issues - whether that is struggling with a particular aspect of the show or because school work is meaning that you are having trouble with the commitment.

  • Work with individual circumstances as best we can, whilst ensuring that there is not a risk to the show.

  • Uphold the values of the relevant Law/Promise at all times.

  • Work to ensure that everyone is having fun