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Brief History

A Gang Show is an amateur theatrical variety show performed by members of the Scout and Guide movements, mainly consisting of song, dance and short comedy sketches.

In 1932 the a show was put on to raise money for a swimming pool at Downe Scout Campsite. The show was directed by a Scout Leader who just happened to be a famous West End & Broadway choreographer called Ralph Reader.

The name "Gang Show" comes from a youngster who wisecracked at the start of a rehearsal that "The Gang's all here!" thus Gang Show born. 

They are now performed all over the world. It was once said that "Every night of every year, somewhere in the world a Gang Show is playing"

Most Gang Shows wear a red scarf. Red scarves are only awarded to shows which meet, and continue to meet, the required high standards set by Ralph Reader. 

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The Late Ralph Reader CBE

So what about Kettering Gang Show?

The first Kettering was performed in 1959.

It became a "Red Scarf" show in 1965.

Kettering Gang Show has performed in various halls and theatres around Kettering with its current home at the Lighthouse Theatre since 2008

This year will be our 58th show.

The 55th Kettering Gang Show is being performed from November 26 to 29 at the Lighthouse Theatre in Kettering